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who we are

We're an Ontario based multi-media and digital marketing company. With core services based around video production, content creation, and ad services; we remove the guess work and bring projects from plan to production with hands-off execution. Our success is measured not only by the beauty of our work, but by the results our clients see.

we do


Video Production

The forefront of storytelling, visual stimuli and advertising material

A beautiful bottle of Sake advertised on a dark table by Vatic Media
Violinst Grenville Pinto Performs for music video on an island by Vatic Media
CLA 45 AMG driving fast on twisty roads by Vatic Media
An image of a fire extinguisher being advertised in a beautiful way by Vatic Media

Our fortes:

Advertising, Automotive, & Music Video.  ( in no particular order )

For the Creative:

We create beautiful visuals and tell impactful stories with purpose. With our background in narrative and music video we love working with a broad range of companies and artists to create visually stunning and meaningful videos. 

Whether you want to see your vision come to life, or want us to create a story for you; we utilize our internal network of creative minds to craft original pieces that perfectly fit your style. 

For the Marketers:

The perfect blend of storytelling and promotion.

Commercials for online or Television, made accessible and easy.

Video is proven to build brand awareness, drive engagement, and generate sales faster than any other medium. 

We work closely with our clients to craft custom videos and campaigns with strategy and results as the defining metric.

From concept to final delivery, we take your vision and guide you through the entire process, ensuring your workload gets lighter and a lot more fun.

We operate without limits and scale our services to any project size. 


Content Creation


Branding Media

Short Form Video Content

A oral product showcased by hand model
A oral product showcased by beauiful smiling model
A oral product advertised effectivly by Vatic Media
A oral product showcased by pretty model - by Vatic Media

Media production for complete ad campaigns.

Creative concepts to bring you closer to your customers.

Relevant and leading-edge short form content for today’s ever changing online trends. Perfect for social posts, targeted ads & points of acquisition.

Whether it’s building a brand from the ground up, or strengthening an existing brand - we can help create what you need to succeed.


Digital Marketing

Online Ad Campaign Management

Paid Traffic Services

Digital marketing examples by Gray Schilling
Online marketing examples by Gray Schilling
Digital marketing examples by Gray Schilling Photographer
Digital marketing examples by Vatic Media
Digital marketing examples by Vatic Media
Digital marketing examples of Dust Defenders product
beautiful product image marketing
Online marketing solutions by Vatic Media

Your channels, our expertise.

We develop and execute thoughtful campaign strategies to expedite the conversion process and maximize ROI.

We provide a hands-off approach to paid traffic, letting you focus on the big picture.

Our Work

our work

Vatic Media advertises oral hygiene products
Vatic Media - A beautifully presented image of a aftermarket automotive part
Amazing black watch photographed beautifully by Vatic Media
Female model showcasing coat as it snows by Vatic Media
Vatic Media advertises oral hygiene products
A beautifully presented image of a fire suppression product by Vatic Media



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Music Video

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Vatic Media Logo

Beautiful Visuals

Engaging Stories

Effective Campaigns

Creative Solutions


Made Simple & Accessible. 

We help companies strengthen relationships with customers, educate clients, and tap into new demographics.

Vatic operates Ontario-wide with travel work all over Canada. Our home base is located between Hamilton & Cambridge, Ontario

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